Ep. 91 – Bueller?… Bueller?… Anyone?…

The ring-themed sporting event is in full swing and the guys are back to talk a little sports, a little tech, and more!

Using iOS? Love new apps? Check out EasilyDo’s Email for iOS.  It’s a blazing-fast email app that handles Gmail, AOL, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, and IMAP.  Exchange support is supposed to be coming out this summer, too.  It’s a pretty slick app, and it’s currently free! http://www.easilydomail.com/

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Remember that “Alien Megastructure” from last year? Scientists speculated that it could be anything from a fluke to a Dyson Sphere. Well it’s back in the news and acting more wonky than ever (yes, that’s a technical term). New research shows the star’s luminosity and power is dipping, and scientists are scratching their heads trying to figure out why!

Amazon launches Amazon Prime Air and unveils it’s first cargo plane; Amazon One.  They plan to lease more than 40 planes in total to build their own cargo transportation system to backup their over 4,000 trailers and Amazon Flex which allows vetted individuals to deliver Amazon packages in their own private vehicles.  At what point does Amazon just buy UPS or FedEx and get it over with?

Augmented Reality might be the killer app of the next decade, and we have (largely) Pokemon GO! to thank for that.  AR is a burgeoning technology that is being looked at to not only “catch ’em all” but to help identify counterfeit and fake products and help ensure institutions and individuals are actually getting what they’re paying for.  Researchers including Amazon’s A9 Innovations and the US military are working on AR solutions to identifying legitimate and illegitimate products to help ensure authenticity, but forgers are always one step ahead – so combining extremely advanced techniques including DNA data storage with AR tools is one way these companies are working to stay ahead.

What we love…

Jeff loves his 5K retina iMac: http://amzn.to/2aHXFpS

Todd loves the app Untapped to track his favorite micro-brews: https://untappd.com/

Jacob loves his North Face Recon backpack: http://amzn.to/2alUyBd

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