Ep. 95 – Erik Caso

This week the guys talk to Erik Caso – co-founder & CEO of Entangled Media – about their app younity.

Entangled Media is a San Diego-based software company and maker of younity, a personal media streaming platform that allows consumers to access, stream and share all of their files and media libraries across multiple devices.

Erik comes on to discuss younity, how they’ve managed to simplify the setup for creating your own personal cloud, the advantages of having access to your own media, and the security implications of having your content in someone else’s system.  With younity – you don’t have to trust that your provider is keeping your data safe because your data isn’t stored anywhere other than your computers and devices.

Want to check out younity for yourself?  Download the clients from their website and your local app store:

What we love:

Jacob loves the AMC series, Halt and Catch Fire. Season 3 just started, but you can catch up on seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix before starting in on the new season.

Todd loves his MLB at Bat subscription

Jeff loves the band Blitsen Trapper – specifically their 2009 album; Black River Killer

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