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Ep. 106 – Tobler-wrong!

This week the guys catch up after the Thanksgiving holiday – back in the saddle and talking tech.

Jacob is outraged (*outraged* he says) that Toblerone is shrinking the size of their candy – producing wrong looking Toblerone bars. They’re making them smaller as pricing pressures creep up.

Drone maker DJI introduces two new drones; the Phantom 4 PRO and the Inspire 2 and they look amazing.  If you’re interested in aerial photography these are definitely the current gotta-get drones. DJI seems to be moving away from focusing on the flying part of the hobby and investing very heavily on the photography and videography aspect of the hobby.  At any rate – they’re amazing marvels of technology.

Jacob also recounts a story of getting his drone caught in a tree; as the guys give support and encouragement by laughing their butts off!

Ep. 105 – A Good Filibuster

The political season is finally over and the guys are back with tech talk! Listen for all the nitty-gritty.

A few quick links for ya!

Check out this amazing video of the new world-record-breaking-Rubick’s-Cube-solving-robot – how fast you ask? How about 0.637 seconds fast!

Jacob also can recommend his Hakko soldering iron cleaner.  If you’re an electronics wonk who needs to keep his tip cleaned and tinned – you really need this nifty little gadget!  Only $10 too, cheap!

Ep. 104 – The Terrible Twos

What’s this?  It’s been TWO YEARS since the No Better Than Average podcast launched.  From such humble beginnings back in November of 2014 – here we are, 24-months and 104 episodes later and we couldn’t have gotten here without such awesome listeners, and YOUR support!  So thank you, listeners, for being there and for listening.  We hope we’re still going strong in two more years when we’re on episode 208!

This week the guys hear from a listener who’s just as irritated as Jeff about the just-announced MacBook lineup.  He’s got some great points, too.

The New York Times goes on a buying spree, snapping up The Wirecutter and The Sweethome, while also posting that profits declined by over 95% year-over-year from the third quarter 2015 to 2016.  Ouch, that’s going to sting.

Market research group IDC announces; “No one is buying smartwatches anymore!” Sales of smartwatches have been declining.  Is this the normal ebb and flow of the markets – especially with apparent supply constraints (as Jeff has found) or is this pointing to a larger problem with smartwatches in general?

Sweden’s highest court bans drones with cameras. They’re now off limits to “normal folks” with exceptions for law enforcement and those obtaining a very expensive filming permit.  Right when technology gets interesting, the gub’ment comes alongs and takes it away!  Thanks, Sweden!

Todd tries to buy a phone from LeEco’s LeMall with ensuing hilarity over checking out with the wrong of two other-than-the-instant-rebate-identical products. The really frustrating part is that the company apparently has no way currently to just issue the rebate; forcing him to instead receive the phone, return it, and re-purchase the correct identical-other-than-the-rebate model when it’s available on one of their infrequent “flash sales”.

What we love:

Jeff loves Marvel’s Doctor Strange (‘natch, it’s a superhero movie!)

Jacob loves his Yeti-ripoff RTIC stainless steel tumbler.  Works with all of the Yeti accessories for about 1/3 the Yeti price.  Sure it’s made in China, but whattyagunnado?

Todd loves Newegg.  It’s “his” Amazon and default starting point for consumer goods:

Ep. 103 – Arrow in the Knee

This week the guys pile on Samsung a little more as profits fall to their lowest levels in two years!  Samsung’s mobile division just reported Q3 2016 profits of “only” $87.8 million – which sounds like quite a lot. It is – however – a 96% decline from last year’s Q3 profits. So… ouch?  Samsung is hoping to rebound next year with the rumored Galaxy S8.  Will it be enough to make up for Samsung’s recent woes?

And while Samsung’s been having a rough few months Alphabet has been rolling in the dough.  They reported revenues of $22.4 billion – a 20% increase year-over-year which is huge for a company their size.  Their core business (search) was up quite a bit more than their “other bets” which saw a segment operating loss of $865 million.  Interestingly, the Google Play Store increased revenue by 39% to $2.4 billion.  That’s a lot of app & media sales.  Overall, Alphabet has $83 billion in cash & equivalents on hand, and could write a check for Time Warner if they wanted.

There was a little announcement from Cupertino this past week; new MacBook Pros were announced which normally would be a great thing.  There wasn’t any love for the iMac, the Mac Mini, or the Mac Pro at this announcement.  The rub is – and Jeff has some great points – these new MacBook Pros are a bit of a mixed bag for consumers.  They’re very expensive and while they do pack in some nice, new technology and features, they also take away a lot of what makes them “Pro-level” machines; namely connections and ports to the device itself.

What we love:

Jacob loves his Light-O-Rama PixCon 16 light controller: – if you’re interested in learning some more of the nitty-gritty of large Christmas light displays; check out Episode 11 with guest Richard Holdman.

Todd loves Joe Sheehan’s Baseball Newsletter:

Jeff loves his Special Edition XBOX One Skyrim: