Daily Archives: November 29, 2016

Ep. 106 – Tobler-wrong!

This week the guys catch up after the Thanksgiving holiday – back in the saddle and talking tech.

Jacob is outraged (*outraged* he says) that Toblerone is shrinking the size of their candy – producing wrong looking Toblerone bars. They’re making them smaller as pricing pressures creep up.

Drone maker DJI introduces two new drones; the Phantom 4 PRO and the Inspire 2 and they look amazing.  If you’re interested in aerial photography these are definitely the current gotta-get drones. DJI seems to be moving away from focusing on the flying part of the hobby and investing very heavily on the photography and videography aspect of the hobby.  At any rate – they’re amazing marvels of technology.

Jacob also recounts a story of getting his drone caught in a tree; as the guys give support and encouragement by laughing their butts off!