Ep. 104 – The Terrible Twos

What’s this?  It’s been TWO YEARS since the No Better Than Average podcast launched.  From such humble beginnings back in November of 2014 – here we are, 24-months and 104 episodes later and we couldn’t have gotten here without such awesome listeners, and YOUR support!  So thank you, listeners, for being there and for listening.  We hope we’re still going strong in two more years when we’re on episode 208!

This week the guys hear from a listener who’s just as irritated as Jeff about the just-announced MacBook lineup.  He’s got some great points, too.

The New York Times goes on a buying spree, snapping up The Wirecutter and The Sweethome, while also posting that profits declined by over 95% year-over-year from the third quarter 2015 to 2016.  Ouch, that’s going to sting.

Market research group IDC announces; “No one is buying smartwatches anymore!” Sales of smartwatches have been declining.  Is this the normal ebb and flow of the markets – especially with apparent supply constraints (as Jeff has found) or is this pointing to a larger problem with smartwatches in general?

Sweden’s highest court bans drones with cameras. They’re now off limits to “normal folks” with exceptions for law enforcement and those obtaining a very expensive filming permit.  Right when technology gets interesting, the gub’ment comes alongs and takes it away!  Thanks, Sweden!

Todd tries to buy a phone from LeEco’s LeMall with ensuing hilarity over checking out with the wrong of two other-than-the-instant-rebate-identical products. The really frustrating part is that the company apparently has no way currently to just issue the rebate; forcing him to instead receive the phone, return it, and re-purchase the correct identical-other-than-the-rebate model when it’s available on one of their infrequent “flash sales”.

What we love:

Jeff loves Marvel’s Doctor Strange (‘natch, it’s a superhero movie!)

Jacob loves his Yeti-ripoff RTIC stainless steel tumbler.  Works with all of the Yeti accessories for about 1/3 the Yeti price.  Sure it’s made in China, but whattyagunnado? http://amzn.to/2eGR7du

Todd loves Newegg.  It’s “his” Amazon and default starting point for consumer goods: http://www.newegg.com/

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