Daily Archives: December 20, 2016

Ep. 109 – The Second Christmaspisode!

It’s not a clip show this week, but it is Christmas time and the guys squeeze in one last show before the end of the year.

This week they’ve got listeners calling and emailing the show – which is always awesome and much appreciated!

The guys talk about the new iOS game that dropped last week: Super Mario Run from Nintendo.  What’s the verdict? For $9.99 is it worth picking up or is it a pass? You’ll have to listen to find out, but both Jeff and Jacob are in agreement on their decision!

Amazon has successfully delivered its first package by autonomous drone. On December 7th, in Cambridge, England – the e-tail giant successfully delivered the sub-5-pound package via one of their customized drones.  They’re testing in Cambridge, and seeking ways to improve the service as well as expand it as they work to make it bulletproof.  Will the FAA relent and let them do any trials in the US?  Only time will tell, but Amazon doesn’t appear to be slowing down in their ambitious plans.

In another case of the legal system not keeping pace with technology, a Florida appeals court has said you can be compelled to utter your phone’s passphrase – not just be required to unlock your device with a fingerprint!

The European Union has ruled that Ireland can’t give Apple it’s sweetheart tax deal (0.005% taxes, what?!) and Apple owes $14 billion in taxes to the EU.  Naturally, Ireland and Apple are more than a little upset with this decision (a final EU ruling is expected as early as the week of December 19th). Will this make tech companies located in Ireland start looking harder at potential US offers to repatriate monies back into the United States?  Will the government play ball to get back some money instead of leaving it outside the boundaries of the country?  Will Italy be the next major EU country to cause more financial stress as their banking system potentially needs to be bailed out?