Ep. 108 – Inspired by Nature

This week Jeff is MIA and Todd and Jacob do their best to take up the slack!  Don’t worry, Jeff should be back next week, though.

Listener John writes in with a well-timed rant about “planned” obsolescence of all of our amazing tech gadgetry.  It’s a real concern for business and home-gamers alike.  How to keep up with the tech, keep it secured, and keep it updated without spending a small (or large) fortune.  It’s a planned rat-race as the pace of change in tech is ever accelerating, our demands of what we want – now – is unrelenting, and our desire for new and shiny is every present and played upon by marketers. So what’s a tech-obsessed geek to do?

Apple finally announces a ship date for their much anticipated AirPods.  If you were lucky enough to get them pre-ordered they should deliver right in time for Christmas – December 21st.  If you missed the pre-order window, but still want a pair, you’re looking at a mid-January ship date now, sucker!

The guys discuss why open-concept office spaces aren’t all they’re cracked up to be (and how Jacob’s moving into one may influence his decision away from AirPods and towards some Bose noise-cancelling cans!).

Disgruntled diesel VW owners are stripping their cars before turning them back over to VW.  According to a court ruling in the “dieselgate” scandal owners have to return an “operable” vehicle to be eligible for their buyback and settlement money.  Unfortunately for VW the term “operable” is pretty narrowly defined by the courts. Basically, the car has to run under its own power and that’s about it. So the Internet – being the wonderful/horrible place that it is – is now full of stories of people stripping off everything they can before returning the vehicle.  And it’s apparently working (if Reddit is to be believed) with one user reporting full payment after stripping off exterior body panels, rear-end collision damage, and other systems removed!

According to a Microsoft blog post, Mac users switching to Surface more than ever before, after new MacBook Pro ‘disappointment’.  Sent in by listener Kye (thanks, Kye!) this story is an interesting one; with the relatively unimpressive MacBook Pro refresh earlier this fall, power users are torn; do they buy a less powerful MacBook Pro, or look elsewhere for their computing needs?  Microsoft is definitely trying to capitalize on what they perceive to be Apple’s misstep and have been promoting the Surface platform heavily the past few months.  Is the strategy paying off?  Microsoft seems to say yes, but Slice Intelligence and Apple itself point out that the refreshed MacBook Pros have been Apple’s fastest selling laptops in the company’s history.

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