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Ep. 120 – Clever Title Goes Here

This week the guys are back – recovering from sickness for some, descending into sickness for others.  Will they ever be able to catch a break and all be healthy at the same time?

Topics on the show this week include:

  • Listener feedback & tips from Kye and T.J. – a couple of cool links and helpful tips. One in the form of a cool, Alexa-enabled animatronic skull and one in the form of a way to clear out the cruft and clutter from official Twitter iOS app:

    http://NoBetterShow.com/twittertip and finally a link to a pretty cool technical “dictionary” for non-technical folks: https://sidewaysdictionary.com/

  • The guys give a rundown on the official word from Amazon about their “little” outage a few weeks ago. Remember, the one that crippled huge swathes of the Internet for over 4 hours? Turns out it was an honest mistake by an Amazon engineer and not – as some had feared – a giant hacking or DDoS attack. Interesting fact; over 30% of the Internet flows across an AWS server at some point.  That’s awfully concentrated for what’s supposed to be a distributed network!
  • And…. speaking of cool facts! How about some Google Cloud facts to blow your mind?  We’ve got ’em! And if they’re not enough for you, there are also some pretty mind-bending facts about Amazon’s new Snowball Edge and Snowmobile storage platforms.  If you need to store a little all the way up to – oh – say 100PB of data, Amazon has you covered!
  • In just a few short years; Android is now poised to eclipse Windows as the world’s most-used OS.  Let that sink in for a few minutes.  Android – which has only been around since 2008 – less than a decade.  Microsoft has seen Window’s market share fall from 82% in 2012 to just under 39% – at the same time Android has marched up to 37.4% market share and should be overtaking Windows as the dominant OS anytime now!
  • TAG Heuer is launching a new, $1650, smartwatch.  After the “relative” success of their Connected smartwatch last year (which sold around 56,000 unit), TAG has announced that they’re going to be rolling out an all-new Connected Modular 45 with a MSRP of $1,650! They also expect to double last year’s Connected sales and bring a “luxury” option to the smartwatch game.  Will they succeed in the face of all the Android Wear competition, the juggernaut that is Apple Watch, and the very recent announcement by Swatch Group that they’re going to be building their own smartwatch platform from the ground up with an original OS! Whew, things are heating up in the wearables space!

What we love

Jeff loves his shiny, new Apple Watch Series 2, Stainless Steel edition! Sweet! http://www.apple.com/watch/

Todd loves the Netflix original series Santa Clarita Diet; starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant https://www.netflix.com/title/80095815

Jacob loves the text-generating website Textcraft. Perfect for creating highly stylized text with just a few clicks of the mouse! https://textcraft.net/