Daily Archives: March 28, 2017

Ep. 121 – Some Assembly Required

It’s a tech-packed episode! Topics include:

  • How many transistors really fit inside of a CPU? The answer might surprise you; they’re really freakin’ tiny!
  • “There is a company in the United States that began by offering a few products directly to consumers, and then quickly expanded its offerings until they included almost everything a person could want. This company went directly to the consumer, bypassing local brick-and-mortar stores, and became enormously successful, meeting the needs of its customers all over the country. Of course, the local stores were often (as economists will say) “disintermediated,” which is a fancy way of saying they couldn’t compete on price and selection, let alone delivery and convenience, and went belly up. And with them went the jobs of the people they employed. Recently I’ve been using that story in my speeches and conversations, and everyone nods their heads and says, either out loud or mentally, “Amazon.” Except that I’m not talking about Amazon.”
  • Apple announced new products! The iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED is here, along with new iPhone cases, new iPads, and new Apple Watch bands!
  • Critical security flaws found in LastPass on Chrome, Firefox! Why staying patched and on top of major security vulnerabilities is more critical than ever.
  • Laser pulse study could lead to ultrafast computers. How much faster? Try 100,000 times faster! Woah…
  • The Galaxy S8 get’s an official announcement date: March 29th.  If you’re an Android or Samsung Galaxy fan, prepare to mop up the pile of drool that will be inevitable come Wednesday the 29th!