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Ep. 126 – On WebMD *everything* leads to cancer

The guys are back & talking tech. Tune to and hear all there is to hear.

Oh, check out Todd’s cool Richard Petty Driving Experience video.  Go fast & turn left!

What we love

Todd loved his Richard Petty Driving Experience:

Jeff loves his Apple AirPods:

Jacob loves his Dr.meter decibel meter:

Ep. 125 – The Great Deluge

The guys survived the great midwestern rains of 2017 to bring another tech-filled show right to your ears!

This week Howie calls in & shares tech, money, and beer with the guys. Always a solid, winning combination!

Steve Ballmer is chasing money for the government in his golden years.  He’s invested in, and launched, the website to serve as a financial watchdog for government revenue and expenses.  See where your money is going & be informed!

IBM is a bigger player in cloud services than you might realize. They’ve just opened 4 new data centers in the United States with plans to open 4 more this year.  They now have 55 total, global data centers dedicated to cloud services!

All this and more – tune in to hear what else is on this week’s show!

What we love:

Jacob loves his Amazon Basics foam roller:

Todd loves his Logitech G35 gaming headset:

Ep. 124 – Planned Obsolescence

This week on the show the guys are back, talking tech.  Did Jacob find and buy a new car? Did Jeff’s connection problems from last week get resolved? Find out on this week’s episode!

Todd has some crazy-interesting Excel facts.  Seriously, if you’re an Excel geek they’ll blow your mind.

Listener John writes in and shares his thoughts on Lenovo and the Superfish debacle from last year-ish with the guys.

After grousing about credit card security in the last episode, the guys find an article where Mastercard is trialing a credit card with a built-in fingerprint reader. If the tests go smoothly, potentially by the end of the year you’ll be able to get a Mastercard that will require your fingerprint physically on the card to authenticate a transaction. It’s probably not the magic bullet needed to prevent credit card fraud, but it should certainly help.

What are the 5 things Android does better than iOS? Todd found a list and the guys discuss them all.  And to be fair to iOS, there’s also a list of the 5 things that iOS does better than Android.  Which side do you fall on?

What we love:

Jeff loves the Disney movie Moana:

Todd loves his Logitech Performance MX wireless mouse:

Jacob loves the movie, Hacksaw Ridge:

Ep. 123 – Car Buying Blues

This week Jacob contemplates the worst possible thing; buying a car and dealing with car salesmen.  Jeff actually likes this nonsense?  Inconceivable!

This week on the show:

  • Jeff and Todd give their rundown between Evernote and One Note.  Which is their favorite?  Which is your favorite?  They give some compelling reasons to give both note-taking platforms a good, hard look.  Depending on your needs, one may be better suited to the way you like to work and organize yourself.
  • The Galaxy S8 is here and it’s absolutely gorgeous.  Todd gives a rundown on specs and the guys generally just drool over it.  You definitely can’t say Samsung hasn’t put out a brilliantly made (and looking) phone with the last few Galaxy generations.
  • Some fun YouTube facts abound.  Did you know that at the current rate YouTube is growing, you wouldn’t be physically able to watch all of the content that was uploaded just yesterday in your lifetime?  Now just ponder for a moment – if you will – that YouTube has 12 years of content online!

What we love:

Jeff loves his Harry’s Razor:

Jacob loves his ThinOPTICS reading glasses:

Todd loves the movie Hidden Figures:

Ep. 122 – Parchment paper with greasy spices

It’s been a few weeks since all three of the No Better Nerds were all present at the same time, on the same show!  What’s on deck for this episode?

  • Early reports from hands-on with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 seem to indicate that the new facial recognition feature on the S8 can be bypassed with a photo.  Samsung did mention that not all features on the S8 can be unlocked with facial recognition; notably mobile payments and accessing the devices secure folder require the use of the device’s other biometric features to access.
  • It turns out that LeEco isn’t LeBuying Vizio after all.  Heck, they’re having difficulties making March payroll for their US employees (all 500 of them)
  • Is Verizon spying on you?  Yes!  No!  Maybe… The EFF originally pointed out that Verizon was going to be installing a launcher called “AppFlash” on their Android handsets that would allow Big Red to monitor which apps you use, where you go on the Internet and more.  Verizon clarified their position saying they were going to be conducting a trial of AppFlash on the LG K20 V and it would be opt-in only.  So… good news?
  • Amazon is partnering with brick and mortar stores to introduce Amazon Cash.  You roll into a store, show them a barcode on your smartphone (or even print it out on a piece of paper) and then give them cash.  The money ($15 to $500 in a single transaction) is instantly available on your Amazon account to spend.  Interesting concept and one Amazon hopes will help them reach an estimated 27% of unbanked and under-banked Americans.
  • Last week, Tesla’s market value eclipsed Ford’s at a staggering $47.8 billion USD.  This week, Tesla’s market value surpassed GM’s as a whopping $51 billion.  The market and investors love Tesla, apparently.  How high can they go?  Fun fact, in the first quarter of 2017 Tesla built and sold 25,000 vehicles against GM’s 690,000.

What we love

Jacob loves the book “Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis (author of The Big Short and Moneyball).  A fascinating look into high-frequency trading (HFT) on Wall Street.

Todd loves the icon theme pack for Android; Velur.  It’ll cost you a buck to re-theme your phone.  Cheap!

Jeff loves his Clockwork Synergy Blue Vintage Leather band for his Apple Watch. 

Ep. 121 – Some Assembly Required

It’s a tech-packed episode! Topics include:

  • How many transistors really fit inside of a CPU? The answer might surprise you; they’re really freakin’ tiny!
  • “There is a company in the United States that began by offering a few products directly to consumers, and then quickly expanded its offerings until they included almost everything a person could want. This company went directly to the consumer, bypassing local brick-and-mortar stores, and became enormously successful, meeting the needs of its customers all over the country. Of course, the local stores were often (as economists will say) “disintermediated,” which is a fancy way of saying they couldn’t compete on price and selection, let alone delivery and convenience, and went belly up. And with them went the jobs of the people they employed. Recently I’ve been using that story in my speeches and conversations, and everyone nods their heads and says, either out loud or mentally, “Amazon.” Except that I’m not talking about Amazon.”
  • Apple announced new products! The iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED is here, along with new iPhone cases, new iPads, and new Apple Watch bands!
  • Critical security flaws found in LastPass on Chrome, Firefox! Why staying patched and on top of major security vulnerabilities is more critical than ever.
  • Laser pulse study could lead to ultrafast computers. How much faster? Try 100,000 times faster! Woah…
  • The Galaxy S8 get’s an official announcement date: March 29th.  If you’re an Android or Samsung Galaxy fan, prepare to mop up the pile of drool that will be inevitable come Wednesday the 29th!

Ep. 120 – Clever Title Goes Here

This week the guys are back – recovering from sickness for some, descending into sickness for others.  Will they ever be able to catch a break and all be healthy at the same time?

Topics on the show this week include:

  • Listener feedback & tips from Kye and T.J. – a couple of cool links and helpful tips. One in the form of a cool, Alexa-enabled animatronic skull and one in the form of a way to clear out the cruft and clutter from official Twitter iOS app: and finally a link to a pretty cool technical “dictionary” for non-technical folks:

  • The guys give a rundown on the official word from Amazon about their “little” outage a few weeks ago. Remember, the one that crippled huge swathes of the Internet for over 4 hours? Turns out it was an honest mistake by an Amazon engineer and not – as some had feared – a giant hacking or DDoS attack. Interesting fact; over 30% of the Internet flows across an AWS server at some point.  That’s awfully concentrated for what’s supposed to be a distributed network!
  • And…. speaking of cool facts! How about some Google Cloud facts to blow your mind?  We’ve got ’em! And if they’re not enough for you, there are also some pretty mind-bending facts about Amazon’s new Snowball Edge and Snowmobile storage platforms.  If you need to store a little all the way up to – oh – say 100PB of data, Amazon has you covered!
  • In just a few short years; Android is now poised to eclipse Windows as the world’s most-used OS.  Let that sink in for a few minutes.  Android – which has only been around since 2008 – less than a decade.  Microsoft has seen Window’s market share fall from 82% in 2012 to just under 39% – at the same time Android has marched up to 37.4% market share and should be overtaking Windows as the dominant OS anytime now!
  • TAG Heuer is launching a new, $1650, smartwatch.  After the “relative” success of their Connected smartwatch last year (which sold around 56,000 unit), TAG has announced that they’re going to be rolling out an all-new Connected Modular 45 with a MSRP of $1,650! They also expect to double last year’s Connected sales and bring a “luxury” option to the smartwatch game.  Will they succeed in the face of all the Android Wear competition, the juggernaut that is Apple Watch, and the very recent announcement by Swatch Group that they’re going to be building their own smartwatch platform from the ground up with an original OS! Whew, things are heating up in the wearables space!

What we love

Jeff loves his shiny, new Apple Watch Series 2, Stainless Steel edition! Sweet!

Todd loves the Netflix original series Santa Clarita Diet; starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant

Jacob loves the text-generating website Textcraft. Perfect for creating highly stylized text with just a few clicks of the mouse!

Ep. 119 – I can’t afford $20 undies!

Another week and more tech talk!  Topics this week include:

  • Nintendo’s new gaming console, the Nintendo Switch.  Is it a hot new console or a $300 Legend of Zelda player?
  • Jeff found a story about a photographer who photographed the entire Sistine Chapel and has produced 220 pages of the photos in a 1:1 size in a forthcoming new book.  Only 1,999 copies will be produced and it’ll set you back over $12,000!  Got some spare change?
  • For the First Time, More US Households Have Netflix Than a DVR.  Yep, DVR households were slightly edged out by Netflix households, but the margins were pretty close still.  Give it a few more years for Netflix to finish what it’s started.  Hard to believe Netflix streaming launched “only” 10 years ago in 2007 while the TiVo launched over 17 years ago in 1999!
  • Apple has announced it’s already fixed some of the major exploits unveiled in the WikiLeaks dump last week and claims it’s on track to continue patching and correcting holes from the dump.  Of course they are! Why wouldn’t they be? But it’s going to be a never-ending arms race between the companies building systems and everyone who wants to find (and exploit) any vulnerabilities.

What we love:

Jeff loves his Kwikset 910 Smart Lock:

Todd loves his new family truckster; a 2014 Toyota Sienna!

Jacob loves his *ahem* overpriced underwear from Duluth Trading Co.; their Buck Naked underwear:

Ep. 118 – May the odds be ever in your favor

It’s been a rough week with surgeries and rescheduling and painkillers! So without much fanfare – the guys present you with another episode of the show.

What we love

Jeff loves the iOS app Duet – turn your iPad into an external display for your Mac or PC!

Todd loves the Lego Batman Movie:

Jacob loves his Apple Watch “nylon band” copy from Aokay:

Ep. 117 – Apps live IN the watch now?

The listeners have responded – enthusiastically – and AirPods have been given a big ‘ol thumbs-up.  They’re now, officially, on Jacob’s to-buy list.

Also, rumors abound on the next iPhone using some fancy tech called “substrate-like PCB (SLP)” will allow Apple to cram a bigger battery into the non-plus-iPhone, potentially giving it a similar capacity as today’s plus models. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that, but this SLP tech comes at a high cost – potentially 80% more than the traditional PCB tech Apple’s using today – which also helps cement the rumors that the next iPhone may cost as much as $1,000!

Need to surf the net anonymously or bypass pesky filtering software?  Check out the proxy and see if it does the trick for you.  It’s your helpful-site-of-the-week recommendation!

Todd has a rundown on the top Android Wear 2.0 announcements.

Snapchat’s Spectacles are now available to everyone to order online! $129 and no desire for privacy and they can be yours! Fun fact, Snap Inc. has filed for an IPO – to make money – but has also admitted that the Spectacles will likely cost more than they sell for, but they’re going to make up for it in volume!

In just two years Samsung slips from 3rd to 49th in Harris Poll’s US Reputation Quotient poll.  Thanks to the Galaxy Note 7 battery debacle, and the recent arrest of CEO Lee Jae-yong, consumers are a little prickly on Samsung.  Will the Galaxy S8 be able to win back consumers’ hearts and minds? Topping the list is Amazon and at the bottom – no surprise – Comcast, Volkswagen, and in dead-last Takata.

What we love:

Jeff loves his Galaxy S7 – it’s new & shiny, what’s not to like?

Todd loves the TV show The Good Place, starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson.

Jacob loves the SSH/VNC/RDP management tool MobaXTerm.  If you need to remotely manage machines, it’s definitely worth a look!