The Hosts

JacobHeadshotJacob’s a long-time nerd, first time podcaster.

He’s a gadget-guy of the highest order, with a budget of the lowest. But that doesn’t stop him from lusting after all of the shiny new pieces of technology that companies see fit to release, usually right after bills have been paid and the bank account is bare.

Why do they torture him so? All he wants is every. single. new. gadget. that. gets. released. Is that really too much to ask?

When he’s not in the grips of techo-lust, he’s usually spending time with is family (much to their dismay), trying to consolidate his ever-growing number of hobbies, or deep inside a Netflix-binge.

While he knows it’s a fool’s errand, he’ll occasionally buy a lottery ticket and dream of all the fun gadgets he could buy if he won. Predictably, he never wins.

JeffHeadshotJeff is a second time podcaster, long-time nerd.

You might know Jeff from the popular BetaMouse podcast which brought his love of technology and Disney together with like-minded friends into something beautiful (and garnered Jeff’s license plate of B8MOUS ).

To fill the void of talking about gadgets, the general direction of society and fulfilling his need to predict the demise of nearly dead companies (I’m looking at you Blackberry!) he is looking forward to discussions with Jacob.

Jeff follows the mantra “It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission” when it comes to his gadget lust. This often times puts him at odds with the other part of his life, his family.