The Show

No Better Than Average?

We’re just a couple of guys who like talking about stuff… and… things.

What kind of stuff? Well, mostly nerdy things. We like technology, gadgets, comics, movies, pop-culture, and more. We have families, we talk about the “interesting” things they do.

We like long walks on the beach and candle-lit, romantic dinners.

Sometimes we even like to do those things with our significant others.

We like to debate whether iOS or Android is better. We like to vent about having performing tech support for our families.

And, seriously, why did they ask for our opinion on what computer they should buy if they weren’t going to listen to us anyway?

We hope you’ll participate in the conversation, after all we’re just a couple of guys making a mediocre podcast. But with you, well with you it can be truly great!

RetroBoat-e1412354353129This is a picture of a boat, for some reason